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By Gray for Melody

Tangy foo foo

By Aurora for Tanya

Appreciatе this post. Let me try іt out.

By Big boy for YAZMIN

Can never get enough of this girl. Big boobs, sexy ass, lovely hips, very beautiful face, very friendly and the rest I can imagine

By Gray for Melody

I was very taken back of how bubbly kind and caring melody made me feel at ease and would recommend anyone to enjoy oi time with melody as I did

By Jim for DARCIE

Amazing lady. Great looking great figure. Polite had an amazing time with her. A very excellent gf exp. I had with her. Her kisses and cuddles were amazing. Dressed all in black initally looked amaxing. Lovely big boobs. Wud recommend seeing her. A really naughty 30 mins. The sex was amazing x

By Mark for Sophie

I am new to this area as use to work and live in Wimbledon. And straight away new that Sophie was my type. Will be visiting soon.

By Sugar Pipe for YAZMIN

Sweet would be an understatement because words couldn't describe how yasmin made me feel on my visit, absolutely incredible!!! What a magical treat she gave. Still feels the chills anytime i remember that session.. Im definitely coming again for you Yaz when I'm back in town xmx

By Matthew for Melody

Nice lady, great service

By Reynard for DARCIE

A beautiful lady who makes me feel at home. We chat and talk as friends as we play a true girlfriend experience. Very fit and very supple she was the first lady I ever played with over 3 years ago and continues to be as warm and welcoming as ever

By Reynard for Jessica

A beautiful, sweet, discrete and gentle lady who does everything to please. Truly professional and good at her job. I have been going to Discretions for over 3 years and Jessie does everything she can to make me feel comfortable.

By Matty for YAZMIN

Stunning face and huge boobs. A naughty smile and made me feel fantastic. A wonderful lady. I will definitely be back babe.

By Pedro for Private: Eden

If there was 6 stars .... 👍🏻

By Cookster for DARCIE

Darcie was all that was left available, as an impromptu visit hit bus stop moment. Leaving just myself and her as a suitable pair to Couple Up. The others missed out on a bed pist notch of two or three kinds only Darcie can verify with The Souvenir Hat. But All I can say is I felt very at ease and welcomed by her and she wasted no time in showing how to turn a man on. Thanks Maam, with all mutual respect and gratification I’ll have to say I don’t know who really won. And ya deserved more than a Hat for it. X

By MK for Jayden

I have known of Jayden for a few years now. Without a doubt, one of the friendliest & attractive working ladies on either side of the river. I'd visit her & know it was going to be mutually enjoyable. Good attitude. XXXXX

By Stephen for Melody

I saw melody tonight and had a great experience she made me feel so relaxed I'll be coming back to see her x

By Stephen for Melody

Forgot to put the stars on xx

By Peter for Melody

Well I have never been to discretion before. Once I saw melody I was in heaven. Lovely women to talk to and put me at ease straight away. She looked absolutely gorgeous loved everything about her. That half an hour flow by. Recomend a visit to anyone.

By for Tanya

I found myself free this afternoon and was in need of some fun and relaxation. I decided to call at Discretion even though I had no booking. I was greeted by Tanya. She was the only lady available but she is a very attractive sexy brunette so I was delighted when she agreed to see me. She made me a coffee and we went into one of the upstairs rooms. The paperwork was sorted and soon we were naked on the bed together. I have to say Tanya has an amazing body. Initially she gave me a massage but this had a bit of a twist to it and was highly erotic. Of course the details of what followed are private between the two of us. Suffice to say I had a great half hour with Tanya and left a very satisfied and happy chap. I can certainly recommend seeing Tanya. I usually stick to a small number of ladies that I know well but I anticipate Tanya joining this list. Thank you for a great time Tanya.

By putter65 for Melody

I have not been to Discretion for nearly a year. I was in the area so I decided to make a visit. I saw a lady called Melody. She was pretty, sexy and I liked her straight away. She was very easy to talk to and all my usual nerves went away ! I chose 30 minutes and it was a great girl friend experience ! I had a wonderful time and went away very satisfied and happy !

By Vaslen for DARCIE

I’ve realised it’s been over a year since I last wrote a review for the wonderful Darcie, despite being a regular visitor to Discretion’s dungeon, so another review is overdue. In the meantime, Darcie has been the perfect partner to explore different kinks, me being into domination, bdsm and fetish. The most recent session, amongst other things, included face-sitting whilst restrained. I loved it! The view of mistress as she lowered herself onto me, the aroma of her, the smothering and feeling of giving up control whilst Mistress Darcie played with my cock was delicious! If you have kinky fantasies you want to try but never dared then sexy hot Darcie is the one to help you fulfil them.

By tommybadman for Private: Luna

Dropped by Discretion again as I had some unexpected free time :whistle: Sylvia let me in so I was a bit worried everyone was busy but thankfully Luna was free. No photos or reports yet: attractive mixed race lady, pretty with red lips, big dark eyes and really great boobs. She was friendly and chatty, financials were sorted and a massage was offered (I declined) then on to the fun :dance: where she was enthusiastic and happy to oblige all my requests, I had a great time!

By humbertraveller for Jessica

I saw Jessica a few weeks ago but am a bit late reporting. I have been seeing Jessica off and on for quite a few years. I had some spare time on 8th March as it was a quite Friday afternoon so I decided to make a booking with Jessica. She met me at the door and we went off into a room together. As always I had a fantastic time. Jessica knows exactly the service t I enjoy. Of course the details are private between the two of us but suffice to say Jessica gave me a wonderful time. I can't think of a nicer way to spend half an hour on a Friday than naked in her company. She is always very attentive and once more I left Discretion a very happy man. Thank you Jessica xxx humbertraveller

By Rambler for Jessica

This is my 2nd visit to Discretion, I kind of dropped the ball the first time. I visited Jessica earlier today and had a great time, she knew all the right buttons to push (i'm fairly new to punting so unsure what I really want, she had great initiative in regard to this* she was good conversation and interesting and most of all honest. I would wholly recommend her to anyone visiting Discretion and will most likely see her again in the future. The session was varied with a mixture of massage and GFE both of which were excellent and she was enthusiastic throughout. I would also like to thank Darcie for welcoming me into the premises well and being very hospitable. Based on the impression I got I would recommend her too, tempted myself even.

By MrHairy for DARCIE

Last week, I went to see Darcie. What a great time with a lovely lady. It had always been a fantasy of mine to be with a mature woman. For those of you that haven't met her, Darcie has a wonderful natural body and an eager, friendly personality. As this was only my second time visiting a parlour after a long time away from sex, I initially opted for half an hour of hand relief to keep things simple. However, Darcie was egging me on and we ended up taking things much further, something I never thought I'd do in a parlour. At all times her kindness and eagerness made me feel completely at home, even though I'd felt nervous about making the visit. Talk about making a guy feel welcome. She really gave the impression that she was enjoying herself. Because of her personality and attitude, you could lie on the bed with her and start to imagine that you had just got incredibly lucky with an older woman on a night out or something like that. Something must have gone right because, for once, I wasn't super slow when it came to cumming. I'd read about clock-watching on some of the forums, but Darcie seemed to be completely unconcerned about that, even offering to give me a massage at the end to fill out the time. If you see this Darcie, thanks a lot for an amazing experience and I hope to see you again some time.