Corona-virus requirements

Risk assessment  Company name:  Discretion Date assessment was carried out: 10/11/2021 Date of next review:  010/02/2022
What are the hazards?  Who might be harmed? What are you already doing to control the risks? What further action do you need to take to control the risks?    Who needs to carry out the action? When is the action needed by? Done
Social distancing everyone Limit amount of customers and staff allowed in any one place at all times All staff now done
Aerosol transmission everyone Provide shields and masks for staff and masks for customers. All staff now done
Surface transmission everyone Provide hand sanitiser and signs to encourage usage, Regular disinfection of all public use areas All staff now done
Showers, whirlpool everyone Showers and the whirlpool will be closed for customers use All staff now done
Food and drink Customers No food or drink will be available for customers All staff now done